Oral Presentations

Title Presenting Authorsort descending Presentation
Prevalence of Antibodies to Influenza in Malawian Pregnant Women and their Newborns in Settings with High HIV and Malaria Prevalence (O-09) Gugulethu Mapurisa
Influenza disease burden in the Greater-Accra region of Ghana, 2013- 2017 (O-13) Michael Nitri
Pandemic Influenza preparedness in Africa Yahaya Ali Ahmed
WHO’s point of view Yahaya Ali Ahmed
Influenza Antiviral Susceptibility Surveillance in Algeria : a Global Assessment among Human Influenza A and B Viruses Isolated from 2009 to 2014 (O-02) Assia Ait Aissa
Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction (PIVI) (O-04) Joseph Bresee
Partnership for Influenza vaccine introduction experience of Moroco Imad Cherkaoui
Building sustainable surveillance in South Africa Cheryl Cohen
Household transmission of seasonnal Influenza from HIV -Infected and uninfected individuals in South Africa, 2013- 2014 (O-05) Cheryl Cohen
Designing and piloting the first specimen referral system in Burkina Faso using the national postal system (O-03) Emilie Dama
National burden of hospitalized and non-hospitalized Influenza-associated severe acute respiratory illness in Kenya 2012-2014 (0-06) Gideon Emukule
FAO influenza surveillance and control in animals strategy and its implementation Folorunso Fasina
The biodiversity of Madagascar endemism, introductions and zoonotic diseases Stevee Goodman
The perplexing case of Influenza virus circulation in Madagascar and its implications for seasonal Influenza vaccine implementation (O-07) Julia Guillebaud
International Reagents Resource L. Igboh
Influenza surveillance - A global perspective Daniel Jernigan
Global efforts to understand Influenza disease burden (O-08) Daniel Luliano
Comparison of the performance of different proxies to determine timing, intensity and severity of the South African Influenza season (O-10) Johanna McAnerney
Framework to guide influenza vaccination policy in resource limited settings – a case study from South Africa (O-11) Meredith McMorrow
Challenges and opportinuties building sustainable surveillance systems Ann Moen
Genetic characterization of influenza A(H3N2) during the 2014-2016 influenza seasons in Cameroon (O-12) Gwladys Monamele
Kenya's experience in Influenza vaccination policy development Philip Muthoka
OIE's point of view Gounalan Pavade
Burden and epidemiology of Influenza- and Respiratory Syncytial Virus-associated severe acute respiratory illness hospitalization in Madagascar, 2011-2016 (O-16) Joelinotahina Rabarison
Seasonal influenza vaccination coverage of target groups in South Africa (2011-2017) (O-15) Wayne Ramkrishna